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2.1 Purpose The Service enables Businesses to select your profile and request your attention and feedback to advertising marketing and market research communications via the Service framework (Messages). Businesses will pay you for completing a Message and pay you for your attention and feedback (where appropriate) whilst maintaining your privacy and anonymity to those Businesses. The Service and its component elements are exclusively, permission based which requires all Account Holder to Opt-in. That means the choice of joining and continuing to take part in the Service and level of participation is entirely yours.
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2.3 Your Money Panel.sg Sample will hold all funds generated by the provision of the Service. Panel.sg Sample will on your behalf maintain a credit against your name for all funds paid by a Business to you. No money will vest in you as a Panel.sg Sample Account Holder until that money is paid to you or at your direction as permitted under these Terms of Service. Nothing in these Terms of Service creates an obligation on Panel.sg Sample as agent, trustee or any other fiduciary relationship for you as a Panel.sg Sample Account Holder. Panel.sg Sample will retain financial information relating to your Transaction Record. To the extent possible, Panel.sg Sample will store this information in a non identifying form. Particulars of the amount standing to your credit will be clearly displayed as your Account Balance accessible after you log into your Panel.sg Sample account.
2.4 Transferability Your Panel.sg Sample Account, password and user name is personal to you and is not transferable under any circumstances.
2.5 Accurate Information You may only use the Service for lawful purposes. You are also responsible whenever your user id and password is used, and any and all related charges (for instance, charges related to ordering certain services), whether or not authorized by you. You must provide us with valid and truthful information. In particular you agree that the information provided on the Planet Pulse registration screens, together with any other personal contact details are valid and correct. You must inform us of any change in the information provided by you on the Panel.sg Sample registration screens (including but not limited to email address/street mailingaddress and other personal contact information) as soon as practicable. See Conditions of Use below. You further agree to use reasonable efforts to keep any other information provided up to date. As one of the conditions of your use, you warrant and represent that you are a genuine or bona fide Account Holder and that you are not using the Terms of Service for any other purpose. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that your use of the Service complies with these Terms of Service and any notices received by you from Panel.sg Sample.